Monday, November 22, 2010

The end is near

The last two weeks of my first year in Melbourne. Time does fly when you are having fun. My year has been truly excellent. I made new friends, experienced new stuff, learnt alot of new stuff too. I will seriously miss this place,The place, the people, the food ( well not so much), the friends and the memories. But I will not despair for I will be back again next year, stronger and more determined to show the world what i've got. The future still remains uncertain, I am not sure whether I can get into the uni i desire. But if I do, the possibilities are endless. I cant wait to move out and live on my own. There I will get to cook my own food, live a peaceful lonely and will no longer be oppressed by bald owners ( hahaha). Ok, that was a bit mean. But at the same time, I will need friends and I know where to look. Uni is a new chapter in my life. It challenging, its hard but hey, nothing good comes easy. I will be sad when I go onto the plane on 4th December and look out the dark night sky and ponder what I have experienced for the past year. However, I will be excited to see my family and also going home allows me to improve myself and built my character. Life is as joyous as we want it to, and I want it to be joyous. Life in melbourne is joyous though not without bitter memories and I want that to continue next year and the many years yet to come. An finally I say to all Adieu, Adieu and may our paths cross again in the future

Monday, October 18, 2010

Many Thanks

Here I would like to do a special post on the few special people who have shaped my life in Melbourne and making me one happy possum/human. Know that I am willing to sacrifice everything for you guys because I know that you guys would have done the same for me

1) Christine Wun
You girl are my favourite pet.Lol( Please dont kick me). You are full of life, full of joy, full of laughter and I am very proud to be your friend. You gave me advice when I needed them, consoled me, kicked me, punched me even threatened to take my father hood away from me. But that is what make our friendship so unique. True you look like a hush puppy, not to tall and everything but those are the things that make you who you are. I hope that we will keep being friends because you are one friend that I never want to lose.

2)Bernice Ong and Shireen Chow
You are guys are just awesome. That is all I can say. If I would go into a war against the orcs, I believe that I can win that war with you two by my sides. Your awesomeness cant be decribed in words. The future is long and uncertain, but I can assure you that the continuation of our friendship is certain. P.S. I am not sur whether I am a possum or a dwarf now

3)Louisa Lim, Jeslyn Chow, Natalie Hui, Gloria Butt Face Tan, Cheryll Lee, Kam Zhi Yan
Well... you guys are technically not individuals.......but, you guys are still awesome!!!  I never thought thta one day I would be so close with you guys and to be your friend is my  honour. Thank you guys for everything and I AM NOT GAY!!!!! I am just a guy who appreciates cute stuff

4) Lewis Lim
What can I say about you? You are a good friend. Although you are a talking cock machine but still its good to have you as friend. We have been throught stuff together and that it something that I will never forget.

The Last Two posts are dedicated to my two besties

*) Vincent Kong
My dear dear friend. I dont care that others say we are gay because I know we are not. The only true gays are Randall and Bon. You as always, being the tall cool guy that melted the heart of countless China Girls. Haha. You have been there for me when I need you. You adviced me, motivated me, thought me new stuf, got me hooked onto the SImpsons and most importantly, you are my fashion advisor. If there is one thing that I have learnt from you, that thing would be sometimes silence if the best course acion. I know that this is not the end but the beginning of a great friendship, a friendship that I wll hold dearly till the day I die. Hope to see you in Malaysia this year end holiday.

#) Janelle Oh
You have heard of this countless of times but yeah you asides from Vincent are my bestie. What you have done for me cannot be described throught mere words. Asides form providing me with moral support, you have taught me to view the world in a more postive way, in a way that I have never seen it before. You are remarkable. I am sure that your future will be extremely bright with your 71 children and all. I hope that you know how much you mean to me as a friend. I know that this is the beginning of a frienship so strong even the passing of time cant break. Well... I guess that is all I have to say. Mak sure that you give one out of your 71 babies to me for adoption. HAhahaha

Experience( Part 1)

I someone would ask me who was the best teacher who had ever taught, I would say that teacher isnt a person but rather a change in scenery. It has already been a year since I came to Melbourne and what I have leant here I would say was the most that I have learnt in years. What have I learnt? Let me make a list.

1)Anger management
Before coming to Melbourne, I could tell you that I was one angry kid. I could get pissed off easily that you wouldnt even want to come close to me. Its no wonder I was so hated back home. Coming to Melbourne however, I realised that if I kept that attitude, I would not have any friends. So I tried to control but I could not have done it without the help of two of my best friends. They softened my heart and taught me to look at the good side of things. I mean I still have a huge temper now, but I would say I that I can control it better.

2)Knowing who my true friends are
Before coming to Melbourne, I was a very naive kid. I thought that everyone could be trusted and apparently I wasnt the only one who think that I myself am very naive. Now, things are different. I have learnt to think, and also to follow what my heart tells me is right. At the begining of living in Melbourne, I taught that since everyone was nice to me, they were my true friends. Well... that was naive of me to think that way. After talking, living and understanding my friends I realised that in terms of friends i have aplenty, but true friends? The number would range between 3-4. These people should know who they are. This doesnt seem like a revelation to many, but to me, it is a very big one.

3) There are other things to this world than basketball
I have to admit that I am a basketball freak, has always been and always will be. I could just stay on the court for thw whole day on my home and have fun. LOL. But coming here, I realised that are so much more other than basketball that I could really enjoy except I did not give them a chance. Such as emoing , heart to heart talk with friends and also going out with friends. These are things that I would really enjoy bt I just blinded it to myself all this years. Now, after experiencing that joy after doing these stuff, I will embrace it.

Hmmm...... I think I would just write these three experiences for now or else I would run out of material for any future blogposts

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


 To My Beloved Malaysia,

You have existed for more than half a century and certainly you have come a long way. You have experienced both pain and joy, tears and blood and I can ensure it will not stop. You will continue to enjoy peace and hapiness but at the same time suffering and dispute will come hunting after you. But you are not alone, for your people will stand by you. Ignore the cowardly and foolish few, there are may who will stand by you even in the face of oblivion. There is however one problem My Dear Malaysia, there are some cockroaches who are attempting to divide your people. They pass racist remarks, ignite the hatred within the hearts of your people and worst of all they think that their actions are great. They think that by doing this, makes them heroes. My Dear Malaysia, cockroaches are not hard to find. You can first find them in political parties, Government or opposition. True the government may be racist in some ways but the oppostion cannot be excluded from the equation in contrast to popular belief. They feed on this hatred and use it for their own political purposes. Can we allow either factions to affect our unity? I think NOT! Malaysians are awesome! We are strong and proud! We are numerous! We can make the world tremble beneath us if WE ARE UNITED!!! It is time to stop pointing fingers and find out who is truly racist. Its time for developement,  time for progress,  time to dominate ! My Dear Malaysia, I believe that if your people can work together as a brotherhood, without giving a damn whether they are Chinese,Malay,Indian or Orang Asli ,then the world is in your hands for you have the brains of dozens of races working together towards a common goal. It is not easy but it has to begin. Someone has to lead the charge.
My dear Malaysia, do not worry. You have an army of mighty Malaysian, united under one flag ,the JALUR GEMILANG and they will fight for your honour and glory. Finally My Dear Malaysia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

                                                                                                           Your Sincerely,
                                                                                                           PROUD MALAYSIAN CITIZEN

Monday, July 19, 2010

A dream that will change me forever

I had a dream last night and i was a scary one. I dreamnt that i was a general for a kingdom i could not remember. Then because of my playfullness i accidentally insulted the kings daughter and was banished from the kingdom. As i was so angry, along with me, i brought long all the cavalry with me and left the kingdom. Now I knew that I had many friends within the kingdom but being honour bounded i has to leave under the kings orders. After a few days I had feeling that something bad had happeneed to my kingdom and I rushed back but only to find it in ruins. I saw my king, his daughter and ll my friends dead. And then I woke up. This dream yo me carried  great message that i had been treating my friends badly. I had made fun of them and abandoned them in their time of need. I cried after the dream, seeing and remembering the faces of my dead friends. And i told myself that this had to stop, because life is short, impermanent and I dont wan to lose my friends because of a silly mistake i made. This post is dedicated to the three of my most specilfriends in Albert House. They re Vincent Kong, Michelle Tan and Janelle Oh. You three are the orld to me, your are all very special to me. You guys were my eyes when i couldnt see, my voice when i could not speak, my wings when I could not fly. You guy changed my life and I will very grateful for that. I do not know whether you all will read this post and know how much you all mean to me. But if you really do, then I am very grateful for this dream is the dream that will change me forever....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fall Down 7 get up 8

You all maybe wondering what that quote means. That quote came from my idol Dwayne Wade who came back to dominate the basketball world after a dislocated shoulder and a knee surgery. This quote applies to all of us. In life we will fall down but the key to be able to get up and recover ASAP. This may not be easy but somehow it has to be done. Time does not stop for us when e fall down, it does not take pity on us too. Theefore we have to take matters into our own hands and get up and keep going. However that maybe some point in life where we fall and we just cant get up on ou own. That is what family and friends are here for. They help us up when we are down, cheer us up when are depressed, share our pain when we are badly hurt and the most incredible thing is they take pleasure in doing that and do not wish for us to repay them. I can attest to the statement. All my life i ahve been falling down and getting up n my own and I thought that it would work forever, but I was so wrong. When I came to Australia I met frinds who helped me up when i fell, who were willing to hear and understand my story. Friends like Vincent Kong, Lewis Lim, Janelle Oh, Michelle Tan. These friends are irreplacable,priceless. I do not know how my future will work out, but I promise that these friends will live forever in my heart. Fall down 7 get up 8, very true, but someone has to help you in the process

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reviving the dead

Wow I think my blog is dead. Well it is time to resurrect it. I have been in Australia for a few months now and so far you can say that I am loving my life here. Of course with sweet memories come bitter ones too. I will begin witn the sweet memories. Firstly I meet many new friends and I have become very close to some of them. The top of the list is a guy from Hong Kong named Vincent Kong the rest are from Malaysia and just to name a few Yu Kai Liang, Lewis Lim, Michelle Tan , Lee Ziyan, Janelle Oh and Pei Ern. I however will never forget my Ipoh hometwon mates. Tan Yann Fei has been an awesome friend so far, Ng Kar Yen the blur koala who lives opposite of me has made me change my first impression towards her completely, Ivy Loh the quite one is also a nice friend but still the closest to me among those from Ipoh are Bernice Ong(Beckie/Barbara) and Shireen Chow. They have been very good friends and I believe that the Gods have smiled upon me since I came to Australia by blessing me with such friends. These few friends that I have mentioned , we had formed a strong bond may it be through playing captain ball, basketball or even talking cock,and that bond I believe will last hopefully forever. There are also many fantastic people such as Tan Ying, Randall Thong, Louisa Lim , Yu Kai Leun , Benjamin Leong, Matthew, Bon , Felix,Victor Lau. I will miss home but with this friends here I feel like im at home. The time will come when we have to seperate but before that time comes, I will cherish all these momentsand make full use of it because they bringout the best in me. Well, its time for brunch, I will leave the bitter memories for the next post. It looks like I have done my job here, I have revived the dead.