Monday, November 22, 2010

The end is near

The last two weeks of my first year in Melbourne. Time does fly when you are having fun. My year has been truly excellent. I made new friends, experienced new stuff, learnt alot of new stuff too. I will seriously miss this place,The place, the people, the food ( well not so much), the friends and the memories. But I will not despair for I will be back again next year, stronger and more determined to show the world what i've got. The future still remains uncertain, I am not sure whether I can get into the uni i desire. But if I do, the possibilities are endless. I cant wait to move out and live on my own. There I will get to cook my own food, live a peaceful lonely and will no longer be oppressed by bald owners ( hahaha). Ok, that was a bit mean. But at the same time, I will need friends and I know where to look. Uni is a new chapter in my life. It challenging, its hard but hey, nothing good comes easy. I will be sad when I go onto the plane on 4th December and look out the dark night sky and ponder what I have experienced for the past year. However, I will be excited to see my family and also going home allows me to improve myself and built my character. Life is as joyous as we want it to, and I want it to be joyous. Life in melbourne is joyous though not without bitter memories and I want that to continue next year and the many years yet to come. An finally I say to all Adieu, Adieu and may our paths cross again in the future

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